“That Pig is a Dog” by Kelsey Norden

In 2018, my partner and I adopted a shiba inu mix from the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation in Sherman Oaks. In the process, we learned she came from a farm in China where she’d lived with a very large pig. I think that did a lot to shape her temperament. This is how I imagine she handled the change of moving from the rescue to our home.

A Little About the Artist:

Kelsey Norden is a storyboard artist in LA who hasn’t quite figured out how to monetize her dogs’ antics for profit on social media. She spends her free time split between board games, video games, reading, and baking – the sourdough life never quite took hold but her focaccia is widely requested at family events. She’s currently planning a short film and a comic, and focusing on beefing up her writing skills for each. Maybe someday she’ll even start that sewing project.

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